My Executive: Cindy Iniguez - Local Flagstaff Rep

Gold Canyon United States

More fragrance, more faves.

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Tropical Staycation Bundle

Tropical Lumie, Tropics Tray and Coral Footed Vase.
$44.97 $82.93

Floret Warmer with 3 Scent Pods®

Receive a discount with this bundle.
$35.00 $54.39

Buy 3 Mom Expressions, Get 1 Free

Celebrate Mom. Buy 3, Get 1 Free.
$65.91 $87.88

Dynamic Duo Bundle

Stylish pendant-style necklace with Pink Wishes scented Gelly Bead.
$15.00 $54.00

Large Amber Vanilla Heritage® Scented Candle

Sultry sandalwood. Creamy amber. Warm vanilla.

Large Apple Leaf Heritage® Scented Candle

Crisp Granny Smith apple. Delicate pear. Fresh-cut grass.

Large Apple Pie Heritage® Scented Candle

Classic apple. Warm nutmeg. Comforting cinnamon bark.

Large Autumn Walk Heritage® Scented Candle

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.

Large Banana Nut Bread Heritage® Scented Candle

Baked banana. Crunchy walnuts. Delightful cinnamon.

Large Berry-Kiwi Kiss Heritage® Scented Candle

Tart berry. Refreshing kiwi. Sweet vanilla.

Large Black Rain Heritage® Scented Candle

Mysterious wood. Entrancing balsam. Fresh herbs.

Large Blueberry + Himalayan Salt Heritage® Scented Candle

Ripened blueberries. Shimmering salt. Tranquil sandalwood.

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